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Welcome to Promo Digitizing! We are proud to build our company on a commitment to provide quality embroidery digitizing services tailored to your needs and requirements. Having a good amount of experience in the embroidery digitizing industry, We take the time to listen to our customers and constantly improve our services. We are the experts in completing any of your embroidery digitizing requirements.

We are known for our digitizing services that include logo digitizing, photo digitizing, seals digitizing and other art work. Before starting with the digitizing project, we take the complete details from you so that your digital photo is embroidered according to your needs. For custom embroidery digitizing, we convert picture or images in to stitches that you send us for embroidery digitization. In case of Vector Art service, we convert raster images into vector art. Our embroidery digitizing services provide hand drawn vector images with most conversions in the customer’s range. Our custom embroidery digitizing department can have your image custom digitized and back in your hands in as little as 24 hours.

The Promo Digitizing Difference:

We believe in 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, which means we will work with you till you exactly get the design you want. We can deliver every possible category of design - hats logo, left chest logo, jacket back design, patches on various fabrics, textures, fashion apparel, etc. We provide quality and fast turnaround for any custom embroidery digitizing to our customers.

Our team of embroidery digitizers work in synergy with our sales and customer service team to ensure a well-rounded and personalized experience. What sets our embroidery digitizing services apart is our ability to offer unmatched quality and service at affordable prices.

Quick Revisions & Edits

Want a quick size change, color adjustment, modify text? We can revise your designs as per your demands until you are satisfied with the result.

We can edit any existing embroidery designs if you have a design that has thread breaks, registration out of the design, puckering, stitch counts high or low, etc. Sometimes, it happens that a design may costs more to fix than to totally re-digitize. In such cases, we can suggest if it is better to edit the design or to re-digitize the entire design. There is no charge for checking the design.

4 Reasons Why You Will Love Us

1. Know Your Cost Ahead of Time

Our flat rates enable you to price your embroidery digitizing needs on your time schedule since you know your costs ahead of time. For every 1000 stitches, we charge $1.5 to each of our client.

2. Best Quality is Top Priority

Be 100 percent confident that you're getting high quality designs. We provide embroidery digitizing services with unbeatable quality.

3. 24 Hours Unlimited Support

As we are available round the clock services, you can reach us anytime. We will be there to assist you with just about anything.

4. Highly Responsive Customer Service

We offer no additional cost on the rush orders. We offer free quotes to our clients for all embroidery digitizing projects. We are available on live chat, phone and email. Our customer service staff excels in providing friendly and knowledgeable answers to your questions.

Why Promo Digitizing For Embroidery?

»   Strict quality assurance process
»   No emailing files and instructions to us
»   No extra charges for rush digitization
»   Securely stored Files
»   Easily communication
»   Receive email alerts when order is ready
»   Free edits and variants
»   Discount on bulk volumes
»   Quick turn around
»   Affordable prices & excellent quality
»   Sew out with every new order

Do take a quick look at our embroidery designs gallery and check our work samples.

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