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At Promo Digitizing, we are proud of our embroidery digitizers who have several years of experience in designing great logos. Embroidery digitizing services wouldn’t have been easy if these people were not there with us. We employ only those people who are trained and have enough experience in embroidery designing. Our digitizers know how to make things more interesting and elegant in comparison to others.

We do all kinds of logo digitizing. Punching a embroidery design, and giving it a complete new look is all what we can do for you. We all have left those days behind when there were no computers and the embroidery designs were sewn on machines, which were driven by paper tapes only. The embroidery designs were actually punched manually into paper tapes, with minute punch holes representing each stitch in the designs. The paper tapes were long and coiled up with diameters of 18” – 24”. Most interestingly, this particular expression is still being used in order to digitize a design.

When you are working with us, you will get to know how interactively we work for your orders. As per our client’s requirement, we work on all types of embroidery designs. We are available 24*7 and you can expect to have the best embroidery digitizing services from us. Get in touch with us anytime and our efficient staff will be there at your services. Our LIVE CHAT option is there for you if you want to speak to us about your requirements. If you need embroidery design in a definite format, please let us know. Please send us the high resolution jpg picture via mail at


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